quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

chuck 3.0 your thoughts

Hi guys!
This is a webpage to talk about Chuck in portuguese, but i know many of you are from outside Portugal so, why not ask: do you wanna enjoy the party? :0)
It´s simple, share your favorite moments of Chuck, season 3, and send your beloved words about Chuck to: chuck.vs.pt@gmail.com
Just look the previous posts (3.0 Chuck), to get an a ideia. The rest, leave with me :)
Choose at least 5 episodes per topic, okay? One is the goal, if you can :0)
Here they are:
- best episode;
- favorite moment;
- most fun line;
-best character ;
- best song in the show

"vitaminaChuck" needs you! :0)

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